Redesign / Troubleshooting

Deltion’s approach to troubleshooting is to examine the issues from a systems integration perspective, looking at the way that subsystems and components interact. This allows us to find incompatibilities that can lead to substandard or unexpected performance in the system. In some cases, a redesign may be necessary; in other instances, small adjustments can resolve the issues.

Troubleshooting services we offer include:

  • Electromagnetic interference mitigation (EMI)
  • Ground loop diagnostics
  • System-level troubleshooting

A Stage-Gate Process is a planning tool that ensures there is a structured approach to problem-solving. Each stage in the Stage-Gate Process is a development cycle where ideas are generated or matured.

The gate is a test point at which a Go/No-Go decision about those ideas can be evaluated. The result is a structured filtering mechanism to select the most promising approaches for advancement to the next stage.

This encourages a thorough consideration of innovative or novel approaches. The early stages concentrate on user requirements analysis. The root of the issue can be determined so that our solutions are directed at causes instead of simply trying to alleviate symptoms.

We work with our clients to:

  • Define the problem
  • Deconstruct to root issue(s)
  • Propose a solution/suite of solutions
  • Evolve technical specifications