Electric Battery Vehicles

Deltion has over 3 decades of experience with electric traction drives.   Our primary focus is on underground battery vehicles.  By implementing our tandem locomotive controls, our clients can realize a significant increase in hauled tonnage per trip utilizing existing infrastructure.  Converting to AC drives can further improve efficiency and dramatically reduce maintenance.

Through audits of battery systems (batteries, chargers, locomotive drives), we can identify opportunities to improve efficiencies and reliability.

Leveraging this knowledge base, we have developed an all-electric small 2 person utility vehicle called the KORE. For more information or to talk to a sales representative, please click here.

Current Prototype Development

  • eMPV: small utility vehicle
  • Fully electric, zero emissions
  • Multi-stage regenerative braking
  • Low profile, high clearance
  • 15km/hr on 20% slope

Underground Locomotives

  • Audits: battery/charger, motor evaluations
  • AC and DC traction drives
  • Radio remote control

KORE: 2-Person Electric Utility Vehicle

Electric Drive Train

Payload and Cargo Capability