We have decades of experience in mechanical, electrical and controls design. Systems integration is a key consideration for a successful design. The different aspects of the design (mechanical, electrical, control) must be considered as a whole to ensure the final product functions as desired. The mechanical design must consider electrical elements that are available to affect the mechanical operation, and the electrical design must consider the desired control for the product.

Design services we offer include:


  • Wiring harness design
  • Sizing, selection of motors, gear trains, controllers
    • AC
    • DC
    • BLDC
    • Steppers
    • PM
  • Sensors
    • Absolute
    • Optical
    • IR
    • RFID
    • Temperature control


  • Mechanical design software
  • Finite element analysis
  • Material selection for extreme environments

Control and Automation

  • HMI
  • Electrical interfaces
  • Radio remotes

System Integration

Stress Analysis

Control System Layout

3D Model