Automation & Control Systems

Our focus is on the control of machines in motion. This includes a wide range of capabilities from low level programming such as simple PLC or dedicated controllers and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), to stand alone highly autonomous control strategies.

When you are ready to provide control for your technology we can get involved at any level. We can develop a control strategy, and design, fabricate and assemble the specified hardware. Working closely with the user, we can develop an operational concept that would be intuitive, ergonomic, practical, and meet the client’s needs. We can write programs from first principles, verify low level controller integration to the machine, write and verify HMI integration to the equipment and optimize machine integration into an overall network.

  • Instrumentation
  • Process control, SCADA, PLC
  • Human-machine interfaces (HMI)
  • LabView control programs
  • Radio remote operating systems
  • Teleoperations
  • Mining system automation

Autonomous Mobility System

Radio Remote Control Systems

Industrial Control Panel

Custom Actuator Development