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NASA wants to drive Ottawa-designed rover on the moon

Ottawa Citizen
November 18, 2013

Neptec Design Group of Ottawa is the front-runner to build the next moon rover — a travelling robot that will hunt for water on an unmanned NASA mission in 2017.


Canada Drills for Role in International Moon, Mars Missions

September 30, 2013

Canada’s space agency hopes to focus on contributing robotics and advanced drilling technology as it plans out its future cooperative international endeavors for Moon and Mars missions.


NORCAT Space Technology Department Now Deltion Innovations

The Commercial Space Blog
September 23, 2013

The department at the Northern Centre for Advanced Technology (NORCAT) responsible for space technology development has been spun-off as Deltion Innovations Ltd....


Space Mining the New Frontier

Sudbury Star
September 13, 2013

Known worldwide as a mining town, Sudbury is poised to launch into the vast universe of space mining and intergalactic resource extraction...


Press Release

Deltion Innovations
September 2013

Sudbury - On September 1, 2013, Deltion Innovations Ltd. launched its operations in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada...


Sudbury Company Driving Drilling on the Moon

CBC Radio
October 2014

Deltion Innovations Limited is already in the testing phase of developing a drill for the Canadian Space Agency.

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